. www.abreakintheclouds.co.uk Contains a selection of images that Andrew Leaney has taken whilst out and about in the wilder places both in the UK and further afield. www.adrianalmondphotography.com Adrian is a Landscape & Travel Photoprapher based in Cumbria. He is the Winner of the Urban Landscape Award, USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014. www.alanhewittphotography.co.uk Alan is a freelance wildlife and conservation photogrpaher, writer and workshop leader based in Northumberland. His appreciation and fascination of wildlife leads him to document and share the natural world that we live in. From his local patch- the Farne Islands, to the birds and animals of the Masai Mara, and in his local woods, he is always amazed by our wildlife. www.alanrobertsphotography.com Alan lives and works in the upper Eden Valley. He loves landscape photography, but also likes  to explore activities in the area and always seems to have some form of project on the go. He has recenlty been exploring farming life, thinks peopele are the key to an area so visits country shows & sporting events.  His other interest is capturing ‘abstract’ images with the whole, or you coudld saytcapturing the unusual with in the usual. https://www.alfagraphy.zenfolio.com Alf  Myers started & grew up with urban, street & candid photography. He feels he can create & develop with a camera. He loves to capture the feelings that people have and translate them into the images he produces. https://amybatemanphotography.com Amy is a Cumbrian Farmer and Photographer - whose photography is creative, specialising in capturing people, places amd artisan products. After winning several major photographic competitons as an amatuer, she had the courage to become a freelance photographer in 2019. She still thoroughly enjoys family amd pet portraiture, where she started, but is also working in tje commercial sector providing images for rural and manufacturing businesses.https://andrewsgray.photography/ Andrew is a Northumberland based photographer specialising in Imprressionistic Abstract Landscape Photogrpahy. His preferrred style  of photogrpahy are long exposure work, both vistas and minimalist & the intentional camera movement (ICM) abstract landscapes that he ha sbeen working on in recent years. https://www.facebook.co,/artbycamerastudio Photographers, Sue Kane and Richard  Harrison, set up ‘Art by Camera’ as a studio , where they run workshops in studio photogrpahy. They also offer presentaitons on macro and portrait photography. www.awalkerphotography.co.uk Alan & Julie Walker love nature and landscapes, but they photograph many subjects that they come across in their travels, which explains the eclectic nature of the albums on their website. www.boydharris.co.uk Boyd offers travel photography, trekking, local history and other things. www.brianwhitephotography.co.uk Brian has travelled extensively to expereince and photograph the cultures, landscapes and wildlife. www.photosbycarmen.co.uk Carmen is an award-winning photographer based in the Lake District. Her work covers both landscape and family lifestyle images and she enjoys walking the fells and capturing the fantastic scenery the area has to offer. She presents photographs that portray different moods www.chrissale.co.uk Chris is a professional landscape photographer based in Cumbria. Living on the edge of the Lake District National Park, he devotes his time  to helping others develop the skills neeeded to www.davidtaylorphotography.co.uk David is a British Award winning Landscape  & Travel Photographer based in Northumberland. His photographs have been used in publicity material in NE England, are available from photographic libraries such as Alamy and Collection, and he regularly illustrates for various magazines. http://dianneowen.info Dianne enjoys the creative process of making her images slightly different, concentrating on adding mood and emotions. Her presentation is a purely print demonstration with all images printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art papers, which she feesl are the best in the world. www.duncanphotocreation.com Iain is a professional photographer of many years experience based in Hexham.  He offers a vast range of fine art photogrpahic images drawn from the landscapes and byways of northern england which have been his constant inspiration for over 30 years. https://ejcampbell.photography Having progressesd from film camera in the 90’s photographing dressage & eventing, to working as a cycling photographer for 10 years, Emma covered the Tour of Britain, La Vuelta, Giro & Tour de France. What she has learnt through the years has helped her develop her own style and work today with equestrian and weddings. www.ericpyephotography.co.uk Eric is a Cumbrian photographer who aims to create an artistic image that reflects his thoughts, feelings and observations from that moment he takes a photograph. www.flickr.com/photos/crazybittern David Poole photographs a lot of birds, macro shots and landscapes - particularly around the Kent Estuary, Morecambe Bay and South Lakes areas. www.gdpix.co.uk and  www.pixelfotoco.uk  Husband and wife, Guy and Paul, are Permajet Supported speakers and do all thier talks oas prints on Permajet papers. They try to show as wide a range of papers in each talk as possible, to show how different papers suit different pictures. Guy’s preference is for landscapes, especially in low or dramatic light. He also enjoys city photgraphy, looking for unusual angles on interesting buildings, inside as well as outside. Paula describes herself as a “butterfly photographer” because she flits from subject to subject taking  a photograph of anything that attracts her. She enjoys being out in the landscape pressing the shutter but she also gets particualr satisfaction from seeking out abstract images in man- made and natural objects that look like landscapes. www.gmcimages.co.uk You will find a mixture of Gerald Chamberlin’s work in the galleries. From photos taken, to images created using Photoshop CS6 and Topaz Labs software & HDR software, Gerald  believes the only limits in photography is the limits of our mind and imagination! www.gordonraephotography.co.uk Gordon is a wildlife photographer and the current Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year for 2016 as well as the current GB Nature Photographer of the Year for 2017. www.ianshortphotography.co.uk Ian has been observing & photographing the natural environment of upland Britain for many years. He is interested in the many parts that make up the landscape: geololgy, land forms, plants, animals & the elements of the weather that give diversity & uniqueness. www.juliedawndennis.co.uk Julie has taken photographs for as long back as she can remember, starting with a  pocket Kodak camera in the late 1970’s. She has recently studied photogrpahy at university, an experience which inspired her to question photography. www.jags-photography.co.uk Justin   is   short   listed      for   the   2018   Outdoor   Photographer   of   the   Year/   Wildlife   competition with 3 of his  images. Justin’s style of presentation is informal, interactive and hands-on, He will explore the small world of macro photography and will cover flowers, plants., insects & small objects & how he photographs these. You will have an opportunity to learn, handle the equipment and gain knowledge about techniques, such as photo-stacking www.keithsnellphotos.com Keith has an intimate knowledge of Cumbria and its outstanding beauty and interest and ever- changing and ever-challenging environment. Although lucky enough to live in this most beautiful part of Engalnd, his photography is by no means limited to this area and includes landscapes, travel shots, portraitue and semi-nude photography. www.leopalmerphotography.co.uk Leo classes himself as, primarily, a Travel Photographer, but he does photograph anything and everything- people, pleaces, landscapes, nature...  Originality is his key to success in most things and he sees his photography as no exception to this rule- “if it’s been done before then why bother?”. www.lesforrester.com Les has always had a passion for monochrome and architecture. His talk covers images from Europe, - places like Berlin, Valencia, Lisbon, Hamburg, Venice &  London, showing various interiors and exteriors in both colour and mono. www.marianthilainas.com Marianthi’s photographic work is mainly inspired by the transient beauty of coastal landscapes. www.markljphotography.co.uk Mark is an award-winning landscape photographer based on the edge of the English Lake District. He was named ‘Take a View Photographer of the Year’ in 2014 and a Runner -up in 2015. He specialises in moody atmospheric early morning conditions. www.markmedcalf.co.uk Mark is an award winning wildlife photographer living in Scotland. Much of hs work has been taken within Scotland and the Western Isles and Orkney. He has also travelled extensively to other areas in the UK, Spain and Iceland specifically photographing the wildlife. His work has been used by the BBC for some of their projects. He also supplies Getty images upon request. He won the Scottish Nature Photogrpahy Wildlife Portraits Award in 2013 and had two images shortlisted in 2014. http://www.sciencephoto.com/contributor/mwl/list Mark offers sort of stock photo travelogues from various parts of the globe, He has built up a regular inome from stock photography and is willing to share his route into selling his photos online, www.martynmackiephotography.co.uk Martyn Mackie Photography, professional photographer based in Lancaster and Morecambe, contemporary wedding photography in Lancaster, Morecambe, the Lake District and North West England. Commercial, Portrait and Event Photography also available. www.melvinnicholson.co.uk Melvin is a full timw lndscape photographer running workshops across the Ul & Iceland, He exhibits his work in various establishments in the Lake District & Scotlan,d however it is the teaching & assisting side of photography that he loves. His talk will feature images that have been taken at the locations where he runs his workshops. https://www.paulinepentonyphotography.co.uk Pauline has gained recognition internationally for her dance photography, having worked with dancers for over 40 years. As an artist she seeks to develop and capture the beauty of dance through the dancers’ techniques and elegance, to capture a dancer in a certain way, but not always t otell a storty letting enegry and emotion tell its own story to the viewer. www.peelimagery.com Bob Peel’s photographic roots lie in street portraiture & he cut his teeth at the bi-annual Whitby Goth weekend.. From this base he started to incorporate lighting & off-camera flash to arrive at his now distinctive style. http//www.bristophotography.com Pete has spent 18 years an an Army Photographer, which took him all over the world,  visitng several war zones, including the front-line in Bosnia. On retiring he started Bristo Photography and now runs an award wiiming wedding & portrait photography business. www.philbucklephotography.co.uk Phil has lived on the edge of the Lake District for most of  his life. Through being a keen walker in the Lakes he  eventually picked up his first DSLR and has  developed his skills as a photographer in what he calls “one of the  most beautiful parts of the world.” http://www.poultonps.co.uk Phil concentrates on wildlife and landscapes, including many of the less seen subjects incluidng life cycles of moths/butterlfies, frogs, seals, deer,  squirrels etc. www.philmcmenemy.smugmug.com Phil is an award winning photographer based in Dumfrieshire. His images portray his love of nature, the outdoors & the wonderful region he lives in. His images are his interpretaton of his surrounding in both fine-art and landscape terms. His talk includes his journey through the Arts, his career as professional photographer and gallery owner and his model of approach with examples of his work as prints, www.polarisandy.com Andy McAlea’s photography is represented on his website by a variety of black & white and colour images set out in galleries titled ‘Alone’, ‘Closer to Home’, ‘Coast’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Single Figures’. www.rpphotographybydesign.co.uk Robert is  a Sony Ambassador and uses his presentations to explain the technological advantages and innovations in Sony Full Frame mirrorless cameras and how these have improved his photographic workflow. www.rodireland.co.uk Rod was curator of the Cumbria Photography Show that had its debut in May 2016 at Rheged, Penrith  and which  he hopes to help develop as a premiere event for the photography circuit. He says that for him “ the Lake Distirct takes on a magical quality at night - and  that to venture out at night, watching the stars appear and to wear a cloak of solitude that comes with being alone in the dark, is to discovcer another Lake Distirct.” www.rogercoulam.com Roger has develped a reputation as a ground-breaking severe weather photographer, with several appearance on television and radio. In recent years he hs concentrated on developing his creative practice . Much of his work hs been made without a camera, but has also included printmaking and book making, His images “reflect his experiences and responses by making pictures to bring order, to look and to explore.” www.royfleming.co.uk Roy works with solely traditional film photography and darkroom printing. He thinks of himself as an explorer rather than “photogrpaher as he very rarely takes pictures of anything apart from his own local landscape. A landscape that he feels is rich in diversity that changes everyday with the lights and the seasons. www.simonwhalley.org Simon is a professional photographer and writer based in NE Cumbria, prooducing images and words. His work “seeks to connect people with nature and to challenge environmentally destructuve behaviour”. Hiw work is displayed at his gallery-m No 10 at Brougham Hall, Eamont Bridge, Penrith. www.stephenbyard.co.uk/ Stephen talks of one of life’s great enjoyments is in experiencing the seasons, thier moods, their weather. When these converge at a time and a place, rare moments of magic occur. He has won various national and international awards and also worked closely with Joe Cornish. www.razzetti.com Steve offers a presentation about filming the BBC TV series starring Michael Wood, for which he was the stills photographer. www.sueberryphotos.co.uk Sue is a member of Bury Photogrpahic Society. She is passionate about being true to herself and following her own vision in creating photogrpahic images. Her gallery of images range from dark, dramatic anmd moody to minimalist and light and include landscape photogparhy, urban exploration, nature, graffiti/street and architecture/industry. http://timfisher.co.uk/ Tim‘s photographic background is grounded in the LCP post grad photojournalism course, working for the National Parks before running his own photogrpahic company. He has travelled extensively but in 2016/17 was devoted to the Lake District National Park, it’s submission for UNESCO status and a panacea of images from within the Park has been the result. www.tonydilger.co.uk Tony & Carol are award-winning professional photographers with an unusual lifestyle, living permanently on the road in a  motor home and photographing wildlife in Britain, continental Europe and Africa. They offer audio-visual presentations which are accmpanied by anecdotal stories of their subjects and how they go about finding them, as well as some of the creative thinking behind the resultant images. www.toonphoto.com Ann & Steve Toon are UK based award-winning wildlife photojournalists with a passion for Africa and a special interest in conservation. www.triciameynell.com Tricia is a local photogpraher in the Eden Valley of Cumbria who has a very unique style of photography - especially in her abstract images. She descibeds herself as an ‘untechnical’ photographer.’ www.wastwaterphotography.co.uk Mark Gilligan is an award winning photographer and writer based in Cumbria. He specialises in landscape and travel and also produces work across Europe for Monarch Airlines and their in- flight magazine ‘Passport’. As  a feature writer for many outdoor titles, he has regular photographic series in both ‘Lancashire Life’ and ‘Lake District Life’ magazines.
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